Saved by the Galactics/Angels. (A true story)

Saved by my Galactic Friends/Family/HS or Angels!

Here it goes!
Living at the inlet of a fjord facing the harsh North Sea, can include many weird and scary experiences, especially out in a boat, winters time…
This is a rough sailing area, where many have shipwrecked during my life. The neighbours had to go on a watch many a time when I grew up, only to mostly find drowned people sadly. My father was in the unfortunately circumstances to find several. It marked his nature in relation to many things, I feel.

So – obviously my friend and I HAD to choose this time of year. The all to well known unstable month of December, to indulge in the untamed forces of nature. Invite the cold, fresh sea breeze in over our increasingly stiff faces – only a toughened fisherman would appreciate…..
My friend had just bought his boat. It was kind of a maiden voyage. He took me with him since I knew the waters around, similar to a pilot guide in uncharted waters.
Well out from the pier, steady sailing towards open sea, and full speed ahead of course, we only brought with us our positive nature and crazy humor. – Yo ho! – here we come! My coffee pumped me nicely up. I knew my now deceased father (fisherman) – would be quite happy.

It all looked so great. Sea gulls still active around As I can remember them the first time I got the chance to be the helmsman of my fathers fishing vessel, only 10 years old. Oh boy I was proud. The salty waters, mixed in with tare. The well known smell from motor diesel…combined with a beautiful wild scenery……

But then…….- Hmm, it went so silent? “What’s up”? I asked my friend. “The motor is failing” he cried out – more surprised than a sea gull not getting his fair share from the fisherman’s catch. But that was the least of our concerns…..
Our attention got immediate drawn to the fact the “new” boat begun to take in SEAWATER. A LOT of sea water. And…it looked like it was in a hurry too….
What happened next, went so fast I have no chance to finish this scribble before it was all over.
As the sea water pouring in (the bottom hatched in the machine room had gone open!!!). We both was instantly paralyzed.
After only one minute the boat was half filled…I scream-scouted after help. Anyone, anyone???. But nothing…No boat/ship to see anywhere.

My friend, the increasingly worried Captain, had now a look of both shock and fear in his furrowed face. He got totally frenetic and shout at me …”What the f.. and he..” and back and forth.
“Eh – How about we put on some life west….?” I suggested…
There were NO time!
Now I realized this was darn serious. I send out a deep felt request to my guides/Angels —>A A Michael…… all the way up to source.. up up up, thru my HS , the Galactic’s, the guardians, to creator source itself( just to cover all angle.he he)

Instantly – a sequences of unimaginable events took place!

Within the very next short time it took/would take to fill the boat completely (I estimate around 1 min.), I had by now already started my “prayers”, when I first spotted ANOTHER BOAT. But rather far from where we sailed.. Could it be hope after all?
It was moving with pretty high speed ( I would guess around 25 – 30 knots) . Much to fast it seemed… Our boat was nearly filled up by now, there could only be second left…..

At this time I stood on the ceiling, screamed and waved as best I could – but it looked if they didn’t notice us at all… – was soon past our point one could with reasonable hope expect they had seen us sinking.
It looked like it was all lost!
Faced by the extremely precarious situation, I was ready to jump overboard. Not risk to be dragged down with the boat and it’s dangerous undertow. Hardly think that would make any different. But it’s how one think in these kind of circumstances. The fragile, and in so many ways hard life of mine, was clearly in it’s last phase I realized.
OK, I recall thinking – if it’s time, it’s finally time. I will face it as the immortal being I always have believed I am. With no regrets or fear what so ever.

Flashes of chaotic thoughts came in – uninvited. Of my mother who always was terrified when ever I went near the sea or went out fishing. Of my elder sister who also was so afraid something would happen to her siblings . Of those love ones, – both animals and people…
I went into a negative spin, down down to the bottom. Why didn’t I listen more?

As taken out of a movie – the said vessel, a Pilot boat by it looks, miraculous slowed down it’s engine, turned around and gave full speed at our position. I snapped out from my place of hopelessness, as fast as water was pouring in…. Couldn’t believe what I now witnessed! – “This is just a miracle – A MIRACLE!” I said out load. And that was a understatement!
An A. A. M. Miracle. Thank you, thank you!
(I estimate this whole process, from I saw the potential rescue ship to they reach us, would at least be 5 min.) The odd bit here is how on earth, I mean sea…hadn’t we already sunk??!!

They started the pumps right away. (Just to be rescue by a vessel with a pump – is extraordinary by itself) One of the two crew member jumped over to us and found the open hatch, took whatever he/we could find, pushed it forcefully down in the open hole. In a desperate attempt to rescue the boat itself. This was truly a brave maneuver. A very resourceful action too. It actually slowed down the incoming seawater, while the pump system took it much faster out. To my friends HUGE relief. Thanks to this ingenious person … 30 second more the Pilot Captain said ” It would be to late….”( and…. what’s the chance to be rescued by a pilot boat in the first place??)

The Captain stated – “We never take this route at this time, it was just because of a sudden needed repair/maintenance’s. I was in my cabin below when it happen”, he added. “But for a strange reason got an urge to go up to the bridge, take my binoculars and look in the direction of you”. (a decision that probably took less than a couple of second to make. Some second later it would make no difference. It save our lives for sure. Passing us at 25 knots at a considerable range, time flies fast.
Tell me now, – do you think such an event are mere coincident?
I know we wouldn’t survive the cold water for any length of time. Bad swimmers and all, winter cold open sea and very, very strong current. Minutes I guess.? The current here are legendary. Many different waterfalls and billions of cubic seawater from a number of deep large fjords are passing by my living room any time of the day. Out to the rough wild North sea.
My none spiritual “3 d” friend just nod at me when I ask him ” Well – Do you believe now – huh huh?”
This happen in 2015, while I was still commenting/sharing on BFC
The time dilation or whatever, came in the back seat here. The drama of the situation made me aware of the time related enigma, when recalling back to the event.
This is only one of several similar chill- trilling experiences I’ve had so far during my life. It holds a true validations of the realms we daily seek to communicate with, get a taste of and/or finally join, is my own core conviction anyway.
This kind of stories I like to share. As it can inspire others to “believe” Have faith perhaps….trust more. Regardless of your current situation and how grim it can look at times. I know, but please don’t give up
Remember, – we are all watching, cheering and assisting from all “higher” levels as well– co operating with all great beings, we ALL truly are!
I hope you can agree!
Many blessing of magic, wonders and miracles coming your way dear seekers of truth and wisdom.



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