A reminder. To end pain and suffering fast.!

Rewind and redo….. the things that you don’t want to see, or to be/have been a co-creator of, by:
“Time travel” back to the event and change it. Open a ” wormhole” to the past and re-create something total different, based upon love, respect, harmony, joy, wisdom…. by visualize a new “alternative” positive time line. Then shut of all the portals to the negative ones….
No need to suffer from past mishaps and cruel action done upon you or from the many self inflicted wounds….
They have all served their mission. Now it’s time to close the past, release the pain and move on!
Change any and all suffering by changing the energy signature of the whole sad event ( past present, future – as time-space location don’t matter). What’s matter is your Divine God Creator heart-mind abilities, and where you lead this immense God self power. You have by this installed an “auto corrector” and by it shifted your energy vastly in a blink of a eye – and all who “read” your energy field will notice it.
Withdraw from all neg. actions, vocal and written expressions, thought forms and emotions. So that lower energies not get rooted deeper in your constitution . Apply love and empathy were ever you feel this is needed – especially toward your self.
Look for uplifting and nurturing stuff to build momentum – ignore what’s not support…..
This is the fastest road to end all suffering, pain and horrible conditions for humanity – and in addition heighten ones own vibration – thus initiating a positive chain reaction on all sub atomic levels within your own cells – the micro cosmos. Making a toned vibration that will ultimately resonate through all cosmos/creation- Macro.
You and I are the tuning fork-frequency – now we need to use it…
The inner world is the REAL “reality” – the utmost important one! (also  remember, – you’re multidimensional, and by so affecting all the many different self asects as well)
The outer  illusion – a holographic prison, (just remember the hologram is not the problem here.) can be altered by YOU alone.
As the creators of it’s contents have done – we have the power to redo…
Do not allow chaos, destructive neg. thought forms to enter through your personal gate – into the beautiful magical  garden. The soil is firmly plowed and we are now ready to sow the NEW seeds………… Our sacred heart of love, wisdom and knowledge will be our trusted gate keepers.
Love – will be the fertilizer, wisdom –  the water supply and as  gardening tools we use our knowledge.
At last -The spring of the shift is here!
Create a reality which contain only support of all lifeforms. Acknowledge the freedom for ALL to live in peace, love and harmony, – at all time, whatever the place… To pursue their own happiness.
The one we all want….., are waiting for. Then invite your sisters and brothers in!
That my friend, – is  in our Divine Power to do.
And so it will be – always!
namaste and love to all!

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